FIFA 17 Might Be Using The Frostbite Game Engine

For many years now EA Sports games have been using EA’s Ignite game engine. It sounds like this is about to change with the release of FIFA 17 as that game is set to use the Frostbite game engine instead.

This new report comes from Game Informer as they heard from multiple sources that the Frostbite engine will take over all of EA Sports’ game library. This includes the FIFA, Madden, NHL, and NBA Live franchises.

FIFA 17 will use the Frostbite engine when it comes out later this year. Madden 17, NHL 17 and NBA Live 17 will still utilize the Ignite engine and will be changing in the near future. It’s highly likely those game franchises will transition as early as next year.

The first sports game to actually use Frostbite was last year’s release of Rory McIlroy PGA Tour. Not to mention many other EA games use it such as Star Wars: Battlefront, the Battlefield franchise and more. The game engine has been praised for its realistic-like visuals and more.

We will have to see how pretty FIFA 17 looks when EA showcases it later this month during the EA Play event. The game will be competing against PES 2017 as that game uses the Fox Engine.

Beginners Tips for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team – Plan Ahead

Even seasoned Ultimate Team players are guilty of buying a player on the market and then realizing they won’t fit into their current squad or a hybrid they’re building due to chemistry reasons. This is an annoying mistake to make because it means you not only have to go back onto the market and find the player you really want, but it also is a waste of your coins. Even if you manage to sell the player bought at the price you paid, you’ll lose money because of the tax on the market.

To avoid this problem, plan the squad you want to build ahead of time. Since FIFA 15 there has been the Concept Squad feature which allows you to place the players you want to buy in squad to see how the chemistry lines up before you even buy them. Alternatively you could use sites like Futhead which has a squad builder feature.

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FIFA 16 BBVA TOTS Tournament Player Release Excitement

We could be hours away from the release time for the BBVA La Liga TOTS cards in FIFA 16, with speculation suggesting that the BBVA is next up on Friday May 20.

Although EA has not confirmed anything yet, the word on social media is that BBVA is next up. Clues on this could lead to the fact that Iniesta is in the current TOTW 36 team so won’t get a TOTS card.

Also the fact that Suarez won La Liga for Barcelona with a hat trick but wasn’t in TOTW 36 could be a good indication that TOTS BBVA is next up and EA are saving that 99 Suarez card for Friday.

So with the release aside, we wanted to talk about the BBVA TOTS Tournament which is guaranteed to happen now with EA introducing this new feature to the event this year.

Which player do you think EA will choose as the free giveaway for the tournament win and which personally do you hope it to be?

FIFA 16: Leicester City FC Rise To Greatness

Leicester City shows that hard work and determination pays off. Last season Leicester finished 14th place with a record of 11-8-19, however this season, Leicester had their eyes on the league title and currently has a record of 23-11-3 and sits in the number one spot of the league standings.

Because of their exceptional season EA Sports had to pay tribute to the BPL team.

Leicester City FC’s dream season and Premier League title victory was incredible to watch over the last ten months. When FIFA 16 launched last September, no one could have predicted that they would become one of the most popular clubs in the game. As they continued to rack up the points and keep their lead atop the Barclays Premier League, more and more players chose to play FIFA 16 as The Foxes.

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FIFA 16 BPL TOTS List Confirmed with Ratings

This is the moment all FIFA 16 fans have been waiting for. We now have the confirmed BPL TOTS player list with ratings from EA.

We can also confirm that the leak we told you about earlier this week was correct. All players revealed there plus their ratings were right all along and the two additions not shown in the leak are Arnautovic and Ighalo.

Without further ado, enjoy the image direct from EA which confirms that Ozil will indeed be in the main TOTS starting 11.

These special cards are going to be live in packs from 6PM UK time on May 6, so that is the confirmed release time – how many coins do you have saved up?

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Cesc Fabregas and Dele Alli Battle in FIFA 16


Preeminent FIFA YouTuber Spencer FC scored another one with his latest video featuring Cesc Fabregas and Dele Alli. We’ve seen Spencer’s quality work before with the likes of Kurt Zouma and Ruben Loftus-Cheek, and this latest video does not disappoint either.

Also not disappointing: Cesc Fabregas leading the (virtual) boys in Blue to two (2) victories over the (virtual) enemy in white. There’s even time for a joke at Eden Hazard’s expense. Though, as they say, a lot of truth is said in jest. So, shoot more, would ya please, Eden!

A friendly pre-match competition then before Monday’s main event, and despite the involvement of both Alli and Fabregas, neither human nor bus was punched. Smiles all around! Just as it should be.

Unfortunately for Spurs, Alli probably won’t be able to feature thanks to his impending suspension for said punching. Fabregas meanwhile is coming off a fantastic performance but is likely to find the going a bit tougher than against Bournemouth. Tottenham’s title challenge may be truly dead by game-time on Monday, but make no mistake, this one will be a big occasion for both sets of fans.

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FIFA 17 is Not Yet Officially Announced

The only nugget of information we have about the new football simulation experience from EA Sports is that publisher Electronic Arts is not interested in putting Lionel Messi, the Barcelona star, on the cover because of a dispute over compensation for the role.

It seems that the plan is to get another big player to be the athlete that will promote the game, and rumors are saying that the search is currently focusing on the Premier League, the wealthiest championship in the world at the moment.

EA Sports will probably make an official announcement about FIFA 17 during the events that it will hold alongside the E3 2016 trade show in June, and the game might even be playable for those who attend.

The company needs to find a way to improve the Ultimate Team mode, which has become one of the major sources of revenue for the company but has also been criticized for the fact that limited innovation has been introduced over the past few years.

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Heavyweight Champ Anthony Joshua Banned from Playing FIFA 16

Newly crowned heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua has revealed his addiction to FIFA 16 was so acute it nearly scuppered his boxing career.

Indeed, Joshua was forced to give up spending countless hours on the game after finding the long nights and lack of sleep was effecting his intensive pre-fight training regimes.

“I used to play FIFA until it affected my boxing,” Joshua told The Sun.

“I had to stop playing because it affected my sleep and recovery. I could stay up till five in the morning playing it, get up at seven and train.

“That’s how mad it was, it wasn’t healthy. Even then it was always sports.”

The decision to leave his console alone obviously didn’t take long to start paying dividends for Joshua, with the 26-year-old taking just two rounds to down Charles Martin and win the IBF world heavyweight belt in London on Saturday night.

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FIFA 16: Practice and Learn the Art of Defence

You should know many things if you want to be a good FIFA 16 player and we have collected various of game tips for you. Besides, we have FIFA 16 coins to sell. Enough coins and good skills are what you need.

After you have learned the theory of FIFA 16, it’s time to put it into practice, and for this there is nothing better than beating the various Skill Games with top marks. Some of these challenges can be quite difficult, but after several attempts, you should be evolving. If you can master theses Skill Games, you will be better prepared than ever to face FIFA – online and offline – and will know most of the secrets of the gameplay.

Defending in FIFA 16 is a complicated task, and it has been this way since EA Sports changed to a manual defensive scheme. If it actually proves too challenging, you can change back to the classic scheme, which is almost automatic. In the controls section choose the “Legacy Defending” option. Other than that, try to stay calm when defending. Don’t rush to the ball, or you will be dribbled past with ease. Calm, patience and timing are the foundations of a good defence.

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FIFA 16 Favourite in Danger of Missing Euro 2016 through Ban

Take David Beckham, Juninho and Andrea Pirlo and roll them all into one player. What do you get? Hakan Calhanoglu.

Bayer Leverkusen’s poster boy is possibly the finest dead ball merchant of his generation–but he could be about to find himself in hot water.

Calhanoglu is being investigated by FIFA over his alleged role in a botched transfer to Trabzonspor back in 2011, when he accepted a payment from the Turkish club before rejecting them.

FIFA claim there are certain “irregularities” in Calhanoglu’s contract that have raised concerns and, if found guilty, his participation at Euro 2016 with Turkey may be seriously under threat.

He remains entitled to continue playing for club and country while the case remains open, but a ban could deprive us of one of the finest young talents in the game this summer.

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